Using & Enjoying the Center

Center for Collaborative Energies

The Center for Collaborative Energies is happy to provide space for practitioners, teachers, or presenters who will use the space in ways which promote, support and encourage the community and the surrounding area, its citizens, families, children, and businesses.

Please read over this information carefully.

Our building is available from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. and is subject to the approval of the CCE Manager and Committee Members.

Entrance: The entrance of the building is found in the back of the building where there is a small parking lot available.

Rooms Available for Rent:

1. Therapy Room Southeast – This room is set-up as therapy room with comfortable chairs and lots of charm. This room will accommodate up to four people.

2. Therapy Room Northeast – Is set-up for massage or other healing modalities that would require a massage table.

3) Meeting Room North – This room is set-up for classes or workshops. It has a table that will accommodate up to eight people and a wall with chalkboard paint. Without the table this room could be set up for large groups.

General Information

Rent: CCE rents their space by the hour. The rental fee is $15.00 per hour and must be prepaid to reserve and hold a space for one-time events. For ongoing rentals rent should be received on the first of each month, your hourly rate will be deducted and any balance remaining will be carried over into the next month. Rent should be made out to CCE or The Center for Collaborative Energies and left in the locked box found in the waiting room area.

Subletting of Space: Anyone renting space from CCE shall not assign, sublet, or apportion the whole or part of the space assigned. All renting inquires must go through CCE’s management.

Insurance: All groups must provide The Center for Collaborative Energies with a certificate of insurance showing CCE as an added insured for the day of the event or if you plan on renting on an ongoing basis it should cover CCE for the current year. If you are a private person using the space and are having an event please obtain a one day rider on your homeowner’s insurance policy. We ask that you provide us with the certificate of insurance at least a week in advance of your event. If insurance is unattainable a liability waiver form must be signed.

Decorations: Decorations placed on tables and around the rooms on the floor are fine. We are sorry we cannot permit decorations on the ceilings or those taped or pinned to the walls.

Personnel: Pat Laurino, CCE Manager will be available should any practitioner, teacher or presenter have an issue regarding the space or building.

No Smoking: CCE and our property are tobacco and drug free facilities.

Children: Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

Reservations: Practitioners must reserve rooms via CCE’s google calendar. If you fail to reserve space in the buildings calendar you will not be guaranteed that the space will be available. Reservations must be cancelled within a 24-hour period in order to not be charged the rental fee, if cancelled after 24-hours the rental fee will be applied.

To apply for use of space at the Center for Collaborative Energies, click here: