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Application to Rent Hourly at the Center for Collaborative Energies

Leasing Office: (603) 631-4384


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Please complete this application with all pertinent details. Information requested provides the basis for our selection of the best occupants for you and all our occupants. If accepted, this application is to become part of a rental agreement. Any misstatements of facts in this application are justification for immediate termination of your tenancy.

Please be sure to complete every item. 

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I (we) hereby authorize any person or company to supply you with any information concerning me (us). I (we) understand that I (we) will receive a key pad code for 24/7 entrance into The Center and will not share this code with anyone not listed on my application without permission from The Center for Collaborative Energies. I (we) understand that I (we) will receive access to The Center’s google calendar and all appointments will be scheduled in the appropriate calendar. If appointment is not in the calendar I (we) understand there is no guarantee that the space will be available when needed. I (we) understand that a certificate of insurance liability will be provided to The Center for Collaborative Energies and will be renewed each year. I (we) understand that a monthly “deposit” will be paid to The Center for Collaborative Energies and the hourly rent will be deducted from this deposit on a monthly basis. I (we) will be notified if we have exhausted our deposit and will make another rental deposit prior to any future rentals. I (we) hereby understand that misrepresentation or concealment relative any of the above facts will at Owner’s option, void my (our) rights under any agreement entered into for rental of premises being applied for. The undersigned makes application to rent space in the Center for Collaborative Energies at 103 Cottage Street, Littleton, NH 03561. The rental for which is $ 15.00 per hour. Please type your name in the space below and this will act as your signature.
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