Our mission is to provide a safe place for healing practitioners, educators, and researchers of the "traditional" healing and spiritual arts to rent and collaborate with each other. Rentals are offered by the hour.


The Center for Collaborative Energies, located at 103 Cottage Street, Littleton, New Hampshire is as an alternative health center organized to support the practitioners, educators and researchers of the "traditional" healing and spiritual arts.

For the Practitioner

The Center for Collaborative Energies……formed in an effort to support, expand and deliver the alternative healing arts, is at the heart of the growing healthcare revolution.

Whether you are a practitioner looking for treatment space, an educator/lecturer desiring a venue where you can share your knowledge, a researcher looking for like-minded folks please contact us for more information or to share your ideas.

Providing over 2000 square feet of office, treatment and meeting space, The Center offers a means to allow fledgling practitioners and experienced healers to share space on an“as needed” basis.  With a low hourly fee and an on-line reservation process, we have developed an affordable means of maintaining professional surroundings, gently nudging the alternative community into the mainstream of the healthcare revolution.

The Center for Collaborative Energies is actively searching for practitioners in the following modalities among others and in no specific priority:

Energy Healing



Massage Therapy


Tai Chi



Aroma Therapy




Naturopathic Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Team and Practitioners

Kevin O'Brien, Founder

Patricia Laurino, Building Manager, Intuitive Energy Healer, and Psychic/Medium

Contact Information: info@centerforcollabortiveenergies.com or (603) 631-4384

Joan Flint, Reiki Master, Shaman, Qigong Instructor

Contact Information: joan@pinereal.com or (603) 444-6419

Eric Breault, Reiki Master, Shaman, Sound Vibration Healer, and Crystal Healer

Contact Information: quantumtones@gmail.com or (603) 752-1261

Emily Nute, Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, and Meditation Guide

Contact Information: emily.nute93@gmail.com